• Hub Projects

    Dignity Day

    The Day of Dignity consists of a two-hour training on the subject of dignity, directed to students in primary and high school. It takes place in the month of October and is a day celebrated around the world.

    Observador OpiniĆ£o

    Lisbon Shapers have partnered with the Observador newspaper and are invited to provide their opinion on a relevant topic of national politics. The piece provides a platform to voice issues to improve Portugal. Check the articles here.

    FNAC Shaper Talks

    A discussion forum held in partnership with FNAC, these discussions provide the Lisbon shapers with a forum to discuss and contribute to issues facing Portugal.

    Meet the Leader

    Meet the Leader events involve a dinner between a leader in Portugal. These events provide an opportunity for Global Shapers to learn from and engage in conversations with inspiring leaders at a local and global level.