• Hub Projects

    Dignity Day

    The Day of Dignity consists of a two-hour training on the subject of dignity, directed to students in primary and high school. It takes place in the month of October and is a day celebrated around the world.

    Boost Impact

    Boost was born with the goal of using collective knowledge and the community of shapers and their networks to support high-impact initiatives in Portugal. We organize a monthly event focus on one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and we have chosen 2 social startups / organizations to pitch their main challenges. Participants then provide ideas and resources to support the organizations.

    Europeias 2019

    Europeias2019.com aimed to increase voter turnout in Portugal for the European Parliament elections of May 2019. The main outcome of the project was a webpage where voters could find all relevant information about the different parties, answering the question what are the parties which I can vote for in these elections and what do they stand for?

    Observador OpiniĆ£o

    Lisbon Shapers have partnered with the Observador newspaper and are invited to provide their opinion on a relevant topic of national politics. The piece provides a platform to voice issues to improve Portugal. Check the articles here.

    Meet the Leader

    Meet the Leader events involve a dinner between a leader in Portugal. These events provide an opportunity for Global Shapers to learn from and engage in conversations with inspiring leaders at a local and global level.